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Turf Information

Here at Durolawn we are very knowledgeable when it comes to turf management, this is important to us because your success in growing your turf is our priority. We have created this page for our customers with some great tips, keep checking back here because we will be constantly adding information.

Height of Cut:
Turf grasses are well adapted to frequent mowing, but mowing too short will reduce the vigour of the plants by reducing their ability to manufacture food. Also, there is a direct relationship between cutting height and the amount of roots a grass plant can maintain. Lowering the mowing height reduces the root system. This restricts the ability of the plant to absorb water and nutrients. In recent years, recommendations for mowing height have steadily increased for home lawns. Earlier recommendations for a cutting height of 1.5 inches were common. Current standards suggest between 2 and 3.75 inches. Higher cut lawn grasses are more stress tolerant. This is especially important during the summer heat period. Taller grass plants with higher density have a profound shading effect on the soil surface, which reduces germination of weed seeds, particularly crabgrass. This is an excellent way to reduce herbicide use, especially where the lawn is properly fertilized and watered to maintain vigour.

Courtesy of Michigan State University Turf grass Science

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