Applications of Durolawn®

Primary Uses for Durolawn®:

High traffic areas

Durolawn’s® primary use is for high traffic areas where grass connot whistand the foot traffic. In just 3-4 weeks Durolawn® can transform those unsightly dirt paths into lush green lawn, while still allowing for heavy traffic. Sports Fields are a great example. The areas where players gather and enter on to a field become worn dirt patches, but with the use of Durolawn® the turf in these areas survive.


Durolawn® is great in playground settings where high traffic areas are found throughout the space. Install Durolawn® over all your grass to create a usable grass surface that children cannot destroy.


Use Durolawn® to allow your community to use the large open grass areas that are always fenced off during the wet months. Durolawn® will prevent the grass erosion that to date is done by limiting access.

Golf Course

Ever drive your golf cart down a nice freshly paved asphalt path only to be re-directed off the path before it ends because the ground keepers have re-seeded the end of the path. Use Durolawn® to prevent wear patterns caused by golf carts. By installing Durolawn® at the ends of cart paths, your lush green fairway will always meet up with your cart paths.

Childcare Centres/Schools

Use Durolawn® to keep your playground from turning to mud in the wet months. Durolawn® will stop your students from killing the grass and turning it to mud. Durolawn® will help decrease the amount of mud and dirt tracked into your buildings.

Sod Companies

Sell Durolawn® with your sod. Give your customers a 100% chance at success with their sod in all area’s not just low traffic ones.

Landscape Designers and Installers

Ever design a landscape for a client who really wants grass either in a high traffic area or under a large tree? Now you can meet their request by using Durolawn®. Durolawn® will allow you to design in grass in their high traffic areas and under trees with the peace of mind that you won’t have to return at a later date for a warranty call about the lawn.

Alternative Uses:

  • Concrete Surfaces
  • Absorbs shock and noise
  • Protects concrete floors
  • Non slip surface due to its cellular structure
  • Reduce joint and bone impact while walking on hard surfaces
  • Entry Mats
  • Allows for dirt, debris and water to fall to the bottom of the mat due to their cellular structure
  • Wheelchair Accessibility
  • Turns grass into a wheelchair accessible surface
  • Instant AODA Compliance, 1.5m wide