There are countless applications of Durolawn®.

The following is a list of different clients that benefit from this product.

  • Golf Courses
  • Municipalities: especially in high traffic areas over boulevards
  • Parks Departments: high foot traffic areas. Specifically crossing parks and green space.
  • School Boards and Private Schools: around play equipment, worn paths
  • Child Care Facilities: In playground to allow child care facilities who have a lot of children retain their grass
  • Landscapers: Sod installations for high end clients who will not accept wear patterns due to foot traffic. Or area’s where clients want grass but there is too much shade
  • Sod Companies: A product to supplement their sod and create ways for their grass to grow in locations where they otherwise couldn’t guarantee its survival.

Case Studies

Relatively new to North America Protective Grass Mats have been popular in the UK and New Zealand for over 15 years in a wide variety of applications.

The UK has developed some of the best standards and safety surfaces to prevent playground injury from falls and thus many suppliers can be found.