Installation of Durolawn®

Open Lawn:

  • Mark the area that is to be covered by Durolawn®
  • Fix major depressions by filling them with a sand based topsoil
  • Lay grass seed over these depressions
  • Lay Durolawn® mats over existing grass within the area to be covered
  • Pin the outside mats with nails.
  • One nail per corner
  • One at the centre point of each side lengthwise of the mat
  • One directly in the centre of the mat

Cut around any obstacles using a utility knife or metal shears

  • Fasten edges together using zip ties
  • Cut excessive tie

Pin the mats around obstacles to prevent uplift

Edges of Lawn:

  • With Durolawn® mats laid up to the edge, cut vertically down into the lawn 75mm (3″)
  • Roll back the Durolawn® mats 300mm (12″)
  • Using a flat square shovel cut on a diagonal from the edge of the rolled back Durolawn® mats down and over to the vertical cut​


Click on the link below to download the Durolawn® Installation Guide

Download PDF