Grow Grass!

Use Durolawn® over top existing heavy traffic areas. By protecting the root and crown the grass thrives and grows through the 2.5cm holes making the mat invisible in 6-8 weeks. No more hard pack dirt and muddy areas at entrance ways and cart paths that are highly visible and negatively affect the perception of your turf management efforts.

The area where players gather and enter on this soccer pitch in the UK was a hard worn dirt patch before the installation of turf grass protection mats.

Turf Protection!

Excellent temporary or permanent solution protecting turf grass from heavy foot and vehicle traffic during construction projects or special events.

Easy to Install!

No special tools or equipment are required. Can be installed or removed in minutes by one person on new or existing turf.

Low Cost!

An affordable alternative to costly construction methods required for asphalt and concrete paths or pads. Eliminate ongoing repairing, replacing and over seeding turf grass in difficult to establish areas. Install a natural and aesthetic turf grass path surface at your Golf Club.